Ravenstein is a fortress in the south of The Netherlands, in the province Noord-Brabant, located along the river Maas. As a tourist there are many interested sights to visit. It does not only have a historical town centre with 2 churches, a windmill and lots of lovely idyllic old houses and city gates to see, but Ravenstein also has the ‘Leerlooijershuisje’, an authentic leather tannery, which is worth your visit.

Around Ravenstein there are several small and charming villages. You can find more information about these places on the website (Unfortunately this site is not yet in English available, but the pictures may still give you a nice impression).

If you would love a more active stay, you are able to hike or take a bike ride along the river Maas. There are several trails and routes you can hike or ride. Close by there are the nature reserves Keent and Herperduin, where you can relax and enjoy the nature. This last one is a beautiful area with forest, drift-sand and heather and you will find Scottish Highlanders and Exmoor ponies in the wild! In these reserves you will find several hiking, biking and horse back riding trails.